Marvel Comments On Brian Michael Bendis' Departure

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"Brian is a great partner and has contributed incredible stories and characters to the Marvel Universe over the years", said a Marvel spokesperson. Today, they took yet another blow with the announcement of the departure of one of their long time writers to DC Comics.

Marvel has issued a statement to CBR on this morning's surprise news that Brian Michael Bendis has left the publisher after more than 17 years to sign exclusively with DC Comics.

Now further bad news comes from a rumor stating Bendis will actually be involved with the DC movie universe and other DC media.

This is real. I love you all. A Marvel spokesperson thanked Bendis for his tenure with the company and wished him luck with his future projects. "Change is good. Change is healthy".

So Bendis didn't like that and bailed on Marvel, which also had to do with the fact that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige fired him and Ike Perlmutter's Marvel Comics Creative Committee from being involved with the movies due to causing major interference and problems. I am bursting with ideas and inspiriations. Most recent works include the Civil War II cross-over series, Jessica Jones, Spider-man: Miles Morales and Invincible Iron Man: Ironheart. And in the increasingly important world of TV and film, Marvel has comfortably outpaced DC on both the big and small screen-Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Logan, Deadpool, Jessica Jones, and on and on.

Bendis has been writing for Marverl for nearly 18 years, with titles like Ultimate Spider-Man, House of M, Daredevil, and Secret Invasion. No indication was given as to when he will depart those titles or when he will start work at DC.

No official word as to when Bendis' career over at DC Comics is set to begin, or what properties he's hoping to tackle upon getting there.