PlayStation 4 Firmware 5.0 Adds VR Streaming Notifications

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Sony's yet to reveal exactly what the new update brings - but the folks at Eurogamer have obtained a copy of the patch notes.

Sony announced firmware update 5.0 back in July, but it hasn't uttered any significant news about it since.

Sony is also taking a leaf out of Microsoft's book by allowing you to follow any PS4 user on the PlayStation network without needing to send out a friend request or clogging up your friends list.

Though we don't know when exactly it'll be it is inevitable that there's going to be a 5.0 firmware update for the PlayStation 4 and details of what changes it's going to bring have been leaked online.

The ability to follow users will be much like the system on Xbox One, according to Eurogamer. This adds another 1080p exclusive to the Pro, which already supports 1080p Remote and Share Play.

There are also some quality of life changes coming to the UI, as notifications can be viewed from the quick menu, as well as the status of uploads and downloads.

The PlayStation 4 5.0 firmware update will launch on a yet to be confirmed date.

Continuing on the theme of increased security, changes will also be made to the console's account system.

In addition to this, it's also rumoured that the 5.0 update will heavily feature new measures so Players can better manage "sub" or child accounts. This means more than one adult account can set parental controls to child accounts. A web application can manage this, allowing you to access parental controls and family membership from phones or PC. Currently, this is restricted to just verified accounts for games, developers, and streamers. Sony has said this is "encourage more sharing of content and interactions".

There will be push notifications for events, spectator comments flashed on the screen when using VR mode, and support for seven more languages, including Vietnamese, Romanian, Czech, Thai and Greek.