You'll soon be able to send money with Google Assistant

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That's exactly what Google thinks, thus, its uber-smart Google Assistant is being made capable of helping out to complete payments. Android O is obviously at the top of everyone's minds, especially now that there are more than 2 billion monthly active Android devices in use, and Google announced plenty of new Android O features.

The process of completing the payments through Google Assistant will be as simple as calling out this AI voice assistant on your device. You can ask the app anything from weather to Cricket score and other useful data which you want to ask to a person.

He explained that you can simply point your smartphone's camera at any flower and it will be able to identify the species.

The current battery menu allows you to toggle to the battery saver mode and shows usage stats per app, but it's not actionable.

Going a bit obvious on this that Google did not go into further details regarding the Android O's other features, which are sure to surprise us given the innovation standards of the search giant!

While it was not mentioned directly, the person on the receiving end of the money transfer will presumably also have to have a debit card attached to their Google Account. Interestingly, however, the best new functions that will be available in Android O have nothing to do with Android O.

One final significant announcement is the release of a software development kit (SDK) to allow developers to integrate Google's assistant into their own products. For Photos, machine learning has enabled the app to understand, recognise and enhance images.

Users will now be able to make calls through the Google Home Speaker directly through their contacts saved on the phone.

Google Photos will now create a photo book of the images in your mobile phone's gallery as per Google I/O 2017.

Find My Device is available to download from the Google Play Store; if you already have the Android Device Manager app installed, you should find it renamed as Find My Device the next time you update it.