Turkish melee in Washington left injuries, shock

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Earlier this week, the Turkish President appeared to order his guards to attack a small group of protesters in D.C.

Two members of Erdogan's security detail were detained after the scuffle but were released and allowed to return to Turkey because they hold diplomatic status, the New York Times reported.

The objective of the meeting, according to an account provided to BuzzFeed News, was to dispel negative American perceptions about Erdogan's massive crackdown on political dissent and consolidation of power in Turkey. The aide was not authorized to speak publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Turkey declared a state of emergency following the July coup attempt and arrested more than 47,000 people.

The militia associated with the PYD, the People's Protection Units (YPG), are allies of the United States, while the Turkish government considers them a terrorist organization. Cook did not attend the meeting. "Because we have no time to lose", he said. Turkey's ambassador, Serdar Kilic, was summoned to the State Department on Wednesday by Under Secretary of State Tom Shannon, the No. 3 official in Foggy Bottom.

Video of the violent confrontation on Tuesday, May 16, which took place on Embassy Row in Washington DC, showed that President Erdogan watched from a auto as his bodyguards assaulted peaceful protesters across the street.

McCain said "this kind of thing can not go unresponded to diplomatically". John McCain (R-AZ) after the incident.

The U.S. State Department called Tuesday's clash "deeply disturbing" and insisted there would be a "thorough investigation" to hold those responsible accountable. When constitutional rights come under attack, they knew that speaking up matters to America and the world.

Two members of the Turkish president's security staff were questioned and later released.

Jones and Hadley did not respond to requests for comment.

Jay Sekulow of the ACLJ joined the praiseof Trump's advocacy with president Erdoğan. "Atlantic Council events never endorse a particular speaker but provide an independent platform for leaders to participate in candid conversations". The guards are back in Turkey with Erdogan.

Erdogan was in the USA capital to meet with President Donald Trump, and stopped by the Turkish ambassador's home where protesters carrying anti-Turkey and pro-Kurdish signs were waiting for him.

Erdogan discussed the fight against ISIS and the possibility of expanding trade with Trump during their meeting at the White House.

While Trump can't be blamed directly, he can, as the leader of the United States, do what he can to mitigate them.

But Mehmet Yuksel, who arrived immediately after the incident and knows nearly all of the little over a dozen demonstrators, said they weren't connected with that group. "It would be beneficial for this person to change", he said, accusing the diplomat of carrying on Obama-administration policies.

In his meeting with Erdogan this week, Trump sought to solidify the bond between the US and Turkey. He went on to plead for the replacement of Brett McGurk, the US presidential envoy for the global coalition against IS. Footage of the assault showing protesters being kicked, choked and stomped drew widespread outrage as it was circulated on social media.