Google Launches Android Go for 'Next Billion' Smartphone Users

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In case you didn't have two hours to watch all of Google's announcements at its I/O developer conference, we've got the highlights for you in less than four minutes.

The Mountain View search giant has also stated that Assistant can be coupled with Google Lens and now allows users to search for various objects using the smartphone's camera.

Android users will finally say goodbye to the weird emoji blobs of the operating system once Google rolls out Android O. Although Apple has recently started releasing new features, Siri is generally considered to be behind current trends. The latter characteristic in particular is considered particularly important as tech companies look towards a future of smart homes. In comparison, Assistant works with a much broader selection of hardware. Until then, Assistant has the upper hand on the company's own platform though. Therefore, instead of triangulating your signal via satellites and sending it to your GPS, Google's new VPS system will scan your surroundings and tell you where you are in a matter of seconds. Starting today, you can download the first official Android "Oreo" Beta. And to make their Photos app even better in order to cater to our increasing demands for clever photo tools, Google is planning to improve how we share our photos by means of facial recognition. It will anticipate when you might need its help and put suggestions in your notification tray before you have to ask.

Google is going to use the machine learning, artificial intelligence and Google Assistant to offer users some cool features, which seem to be straight out of a futuristic movie, including advancements in medical field with more accurate detection of diseases like Cancer. By the end of the year, it will be available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany and Japan in new languages that include Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean and Spanish. Early access to the Google Payment API is open for developers now.