NHS cyber attack leaves EU's law enforcers stunned after 'unprecedented' global reach

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Britain's National Health Service (NHS) had been particularly affected by the attack, which froze thousands of computer systems and demanded owners pay a "fine" to continue using their machines.

Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital has been hit by the nationwide cyber attack on the NHS.

The cyber attack which hit the NHS was a ransomware attack which encrypts files on a user's computer, blocking them from view and threatening to delete them unless a payment is made.

The attack was first detected on Friday.

A COMMUNITY health service is operating normally after concerns it had been impacted by a cyber attack which has affected the NHS.

Patients have been asked to continue attending Accident and Emergency only if their condition is live threatening.

Staff at the hospital have been working around the clock to make sure the impact on patients is as minimal as possible.

"These inaccurate statements have seriously misled public opinion, caused panic among teachers and students, and affected the normal order of instruction and life", it said, giving no further details.

In England, 48 NHS trusts reported problems at hospitals, doctors surgeries or pharmacies, and 13 NHS organisations in Scotland were also affected.

The UK government has insisted that the NHS had been repeatedly warned about the cyber threat to its IT systems, with Defence Secretary Michael Fallon stating 50 million pounds was being spent on NHS systems to improve their security.

"In addition to protective real-time monitoring of national NHS IT services and systems, which were unaffected by this issue, we are supporting NHS organisations by undertaking cyber security testing and providing bespoke advice and action points".

It says most of the work is complete, but there may be some minor disruption to IT services today as systems are brought back online.

The update urged the ublic to "please think carefully if you feel you need to book a GP appointment and consider if it can be delayed to later in the week".