Destiny 2 will be available for PC exclusively on Blizzard's app

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As the first true sequel to Destiny, following three years of expansion packs and content patches, Destiny 2 provided a chance to start over for the developer: existing players will lose their weapons, armour and other assorted collectibles.

New Director - Your guide throughout Destiny 2 in your search for Adventures, Lost Sectors, new Public Events, and more.

Outside of that, Bungie has announced a few things about the PC version of the game. I doubt that we'll see much more than screenshots and some very limited gameplay given Bungie's nature of being vague but it's interesting either way.

"Players will also be able to add friends and form parties the same way Blizzard gamers can".

Bungie is promising more cutscenes and story content.

Elsewhere in the FAQ, Blizzard clarifies that's addition of a game from sister company Activision doesn't mean the platform will soon be expanding to include other non-Blizzard games, à la Valve's Steam or EA's Origin. There will be 4v4 versions to each mode.

Guided Games will enable players to join a Clan's Raid, filling in any of their empty roster spots.

While not directly related to Playstation, Destiny is coming PC and I was pretty shocked by the last announcement they made which was that they are joining up with Blizzard for the PC edition.

As part of a demonstration for some of these new features, they rolled out an actual cinematic and some gameplay from the opening of th egame, which features some of the main characters from the previous Destiny.

Destiny 2 is coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 8th September. That mission is said to be the loss of the fight, with the rest of the game following the rebuilding of the Guardians as the player helps to reclaim their powers. The Guardians fall at the hands of Commander Ghaul. Just like the first game, the title runs at 30 FPS on consoles according to Bungie's David Shaw.

The gameplay reveal also included vide previews of the new worlds, the updates to multiplayer, and the new story focus. It also looks like the Speaker, the guy who can talk to the Traveler (that giant orb thing that gives players their powers) is missing. This is down from the 6v6 matches we got in the first game.