CBS' 'Mom' will donate its Emmys campaign budget to Planned Parenthood

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The series creator and series lead have announced that rather than the $250,000 normally spent to do the dog and pony campaign to garner support for an Emmy Award, they would be donating the amount to Planned Parenthood.

Mom stars Allison Janney and Anna Faris and series co-creator/executive producer Chuck Lorre are standing with Planned Parenthood. The pair are expected to make an appearance on "CBS This Morning" and have already started to encourage fans to donate to the non-profit family planning and health care organization on social media.

Mom creator Chuck Lorre and stars from the hit USA show donated $250,000 to the organisation. With Emmy nominations around the corner, King asked Lorre about how he'd chose to spend his awards campaign budget this year. "It makes sense, because our show is all about women", Janney told the CBS This Morning hosts. "It's in danger of - the House of Representatives voted to defund it".

"We are committed to being here for them, no matter what".

The money will be used to bring attention to the threat against Planned Parenthood funding by the Republican-backed American Health Care Act, according to Variety. The comedy show covers many serious subjects, including substance abuse and suicide.

Janney, whose mother used to work for Planned Parenthood, has been a longtime supporter of the group.

"In Los Angeles County alone, we answer approximately 2,000 calls each day from people asking us for help", says Sue Dunlap, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles.

Janney's plea echoes a project released yesterday by Hollywood director Joss Whedon -a YouTube short film imagining a "truly dire" world without Planned Parenthood. "Generous support from our community fuels this work, and we are honored that the team behind 'Mom" is launching this campaign at this critical time'. Lorre also has a long record of supporting health care organizations, including establishing a family health center in his father's honor at the Venice Family Clinic. Faris supports the Global Alliance to Prevent Premature and Stillbirths.