AAP break-up: Arvind Kejriwal denies rift with senior leader Kumar Vishwas

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A party which projected itself practicing a new political culture succumbed to the traditional politics, accusing politics and it became a complaint box rather than setting new standards and politics. UP civic polls 2017: Will BJP repeat MCD strategy and field fresh candidates? "They should have patience and should work in coordination", AAP leader Rajendra Gautam told ANI.

Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convenor Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday shared a post on Twitter saying that the party "made many mistakes" but it was time to "introspect and course correct".

"Kumar Vishwas is trying to usurp AAP and break the party".

"I am shocked and hurt by what Amanatullah Khan has said". Sensing this restlessness, Kejriwal has warned his councillors that God would punish those who desert the party. If he is so sure about this, why does he not name them? "There is mistrust among the people for us", Kumar had said.

However, Kejriwal maintained that there was no rift in the party and that Vishwas was like his younger brother. Those in the know of the situation in AAP Gujarat said that even when the sub-teams formed in March is going slow in micro-planning and its aim to reach out to grass-root people, AAP is banking upon the State as a vote- bank. "No one can separate us".

Senior AAP leader Kumar Vishwas had said a day earlier that there was a "communication gap" between the party and its volunteers and voters and that the party was getting "Congressionised" to a certain extent.

This prompted Kejriwal to say that attempts were being made to create a rift between him and Vishwas.

Kejriwal is learnt to be unhappy with the way Amanatullah Khan made the allegations after Kumar Vishwas called for a deeper introspection within the party in the aftermath of the electoral drubbing that the AAP received in Punjab, Goa and Delhi.

Till now, Kejriwal and most of the other top AAP leaders had been blaming Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) tampering for the AAP's defeat in Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) polls.

Responding to Kejriwal's tweet, Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari said he has a record of wilfully committing mistakes, then seeking an apology.

He suggested that the party should consider taking drastic steps, including leadership change, if it wants to remain viable in the political arena. "Need is action not excuses", Kejriwal added.