Several groups anxious about AHCA's $800 million Medicaid cut

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Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price says cutting almost $1 trillion from Medicaid would give states freedom to tailor the program to fit their needs.

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner of IL, a state that expanded coverage under Obama's law, said he will push senators to change the legislation so the impacts are not as dire for the state. It would allow states to seek waivers allowing them to deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. She said the House bill was hard to assess overall because it passed without an updated analysis by the Congressional Budget Office on how the measure would affect health care costs and coverage.

In March, a Congressional Budget Office estimate for an earlier version of the bill said it eventually would lead to 24 million Americans losing their health coverage. "This bill isn't ideal, but it is a large step toward repairing the damage that has been done by the Affordable Care Act", said Buck.

"We don't have big insurance companies and big drug companies, and the kind of wealthy individuals that are going to benefit from this $600 billion tax giveaway", he said. "The Senate is starting from scratch". Such a scenario would force the House and Senate to work together to forge a compromise bill.

This is especially true for states that expanded their Medicaid programs and could now see a huge pool of federal health care money evaporate.

Kasich said 700,000 people in OH use Medicaid, and many them have a mental illness, drug addictions or chronic diseases.

The American Health Care Act narrowly passed the House and heads to the Senate. It would dilute consumer-friendly insurance coverage requirements, like prohibiting higher premiums for customers with pre-existing medical conditions. Paul Entin, 48, owner of EPR Marketing, a two-person marketing firm in Bloomsbury, New Jersey, is among those who chaffed at being forced by the federal government to buy health insurance.

The House bill "will be modified here if for no other reason than the rules, the reconciliation rules, would require it", Sen.

Eager to check off a top campaign promise, Trump sought Sunday to pressure Senate Republicans on the issue. Major Democratic Super PAC American Bridge also released a digital ad declaring: "Tell Senate Republicans this is their mess now, and we are watching". Too many people who are insured have premiums that exceed their mortgage payments and deductibles north of $6,500 that have to be met before their insurance even kicks in.

The ad blasts Republicans in potentially tight 2018 races for voting for "a disastrous health-care repeal bill", but doesn't mention the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, by name.