Robertson reveals video game addiction

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Robertson, the world No.7 is 8-1 up in his first-round World Championship match against Thailand's Noppon Saengkham but has had to give up online gaming after spending up to eight hours a day glued to his computer screen, which left him too exhausted to practice.

Former snooker world champion Neil Robertson has admitted an addiction to computer games had an effect on his form and personal life.

"This time previous year I was talking here after a first-round defeat, so I am very pleased to be through to the next round".

"Once I turn the computer on I can easily play them for 12 hours straight".

"It was taking over and affecting my life and it is a serious issue". In China there's a gaming addiction camp where they actually take their kids. "And the multi-play online ones I can't touch because I just get too hooked on them".

"I've got quite an addictive personality and I've decided to just make a clean break from them".

And Robertson urged Trump to look at the example set by the late former Masters champion Paul Hunter, who even when suffering from cancer before his death in 2006 did not neglect his off-table responsibilities. "That's why I dare not pick up a golf club because Mille and Alexander probably wouldn't see me", Robertson said.

He said: "It started when I was a teenager - I think it stopped me doing better on the tour first time around".

"I was heavily addicted to a game called Diablo II". It got to the point back home in Australia that my mum would have to create an account and log on to see if I was on it instead of playing snooker. "Then I've got to practise".

In a separate Eurosport interview, Robertson said he used to stay up all night playing games.

"If you are single and work in a normal job, you can get around it but you can't win pro snooker matches when you are exhausted". "But you can't win professional snooker matches when you are exhausted".