Desperate Trump Records Last-Minute Robocall To Stop Surging Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff

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The party avoided embarrassment last week when it narrowly held a conservative Kansas seat vacated when Trump tapped Republican Representative Mike Pompeo to head the Central Intelligence Agency.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has reported that Republicans and Democrats have spent a combined US$14 million (S$19.5 million) on ad blitzes to sway the special election.

President Donald Trump appears to be very concerned about Tuesday's special election in Georgia, where Democrat Jon Ossoff is attempting to pull off an upset in a conservative district that became vacant when the president nominated former Rep. Tom Price as his health and human services secretary earlier this year. Businessman David Abroms has 3 percent backing within the District, while former Trump Diversity Coalition leader Bruce Level has 1 percent of the vote. Progressive groups raised thousands and recruited hundreds of volunteers in the last few days.

"I think we hold him under 50 and win it in June", Mr. Cole said on MSNBC Monday.

Victory is a relative term here.

All of it's false, yes, but the lies indicate that Trump is getting anxious about a congressional race in yet another reliably Republican district as Ossoff's support in the polls continues to creep closer to the 50 percent mark he needs to avoid taking the race to a much more GOP-friendly run-off contest in June.

Democrats say they've already achieved success just by the fact that I'm writing about this and you're reading this.

Ossoff, for his part, responded to the tweet by saying he's "glad" Mr. Trump is interested in the race, but that the president is "misinformed" about the Democrat's agenda. But he will have to see a strong turnout to put him where he needs to be to avoid a challenging runoff election where Republicans are expected to come home and rally behind their eventual candidate. Here's what you need to know about him.

Welcome to another Tuesday, another special election, and another opportunity for speculation about whether Donald Trump and Republicans are really in trouble this time. Exactly a week ago, Republicans barely hung onto a Wichita-area congressional district seat that Trump won by almost 27 points. Do you feel more pressure knowing that Democrats across this country are invested their hopes in you? He talks about working across party lines and governing from the center. "Don't let them do it", Trump said in the phone call. Romney did much better in Georgia's 6th back in 2012, winning the district by over 23 points against then-President Barack Obama. "It's mind-boggling. It certainly goes to show how unified the Democratic Party is against this President". And if Democrats can figure out a way to harness it, the payoff could be huge.

Since he defeated Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton a year ago, Trump and the Republicans have had control of the White House and both chambers of Congress.

Gray says he would be a "willing partner" in the effort to fulfill Trump's legislative agenda. While a special election in the northern suburbs of Atlanta may seem like NBD, Republicans - and especially President Trump - are paying close attention to Tuesday's results.

"Even in our wildest dreams in August of previous year, I don't think anyone thought that Tom Price's House district was up for grabs", Sroka said. The question is whether he can win an outright majority. House Democrats' campaign arm has singled out some 60 other district to target across the country. In a special election, that could happen, and might catch Republicans napping. Saxby Chambliss and Ending Spending Action Fund, an establishment-friendly Republican super PAC, endorsed Handel.