United Airlines will refund ticket fares for all Flight 3411 passengers

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United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz: "This can never, will never happen again".

United Airlines will refund every single passenger who was the plane when a doctor was injured dragged off by airport officers in Chicago. "We can't do that".

"The family of Dr Dao wants the world to know that they are very appreciative of the outpouring of prayers, concern and support they have received", the family's attorney, Stephen Golan, said. He also said he accepted Munoz's public apology - but said it was staged.

Aviation Commissioner Ginger Evans told the committee that the officers had the authority to board the flight but that what happened on the plane is being investigated.

Following the nightmare incident where law enforcement officers bloodied the face of David Dao while forcibly removing him from a United flight, airline CEO Oscar Munoz appeared on "Good Morning America" to try and rehabilitate his brand's battered image.

"Passengers who have paid the fare for their ticket and reserved a seat should not be subject to this arbitrary "bumping" except in the most extreme of circumstances and certainly not to accommodate employees of United Airlines".

It was at least Munoz's fourth statement about the confrontation.

The shocking video is prompting widespread condemnation, but the airline worsened the situation with what public relations expert Ed Zitron calls a "really weird robotic corporate response". Hours later on April 10, his tone turned defensive.

By the afternoon of April 11, nearly two days after the events, Munoz issued another apology.

Munoz also said United will review its policies for handling of overbooked flights and the incentives offered to passengers to give up their seats.

The passenger was identified as Mr Dao, a 69-year-old physician from Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

Dao "currently has no access to them and believes that serious prejudice" will befall his case if the items are not safeguarded, the court papers state.

The lawyers filed an emergency request with an IL state court on Wednesday to require United Continental Holdings Inc and the City of Chicago to preserve video recordings and other evidence related to Sunday's incident, a likely precursor to a lawsuit.

His legal team plans to hold a news conference tomorrow to discuss the matter with reporters. In a letter to employees he said he "stands behind" all the company's staff.

But Dao agreed to get off the plane, passenger Jayse Anspach said.

The event stemmed from a common air travel issue - a full flight. The airline increased the offer to $800 when no passengers accepted the deal, but for a second time didn't find any takers.

He was then directly asked what United would do the next time a passenger refused to voluntarily disembark from an aircraft.

Bumping is rare - only about one in 16,000 passengers got bumped previous year, the lowest rate since at least the mid-1990s. He refused to leave.

Three Aviation Department police officers got on the plane.

During the incident, passengers allegedly heard the doctor say he could not delay his journey because he had appointments with his patients scheduled for the following day. "This is wrong", "Look at what you did to him" and "Busted his lip". "And you saw us at a bad moment".