Henry reacts to questions he could replace Wenger at Arsenal

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It has to be noted that Henry has very little experience of management and the decision to rush him for the job could go terribly wrong.

And Pires, who was part of Arsenal's Invincibles team in 2004, thinks Wenger staying would be the best possible scenario for his former club.

"I'm convinced he wanted to join us, then they kept him one more year, improved his contract and promised to sell him the year later to a club overseas". "It will be interesting when he leaves who comes in because the club is built like in the Arsene Wenger style".

Yet after Wenger confirmed he would announce "very soon" whether he would remain in charge at Arsenal next season, no confirmation has been forthcoming amid reports that the veteran Frenchman has made a decision to continue his enduring reign.

Arsenal have fallen to sixth in the Premier League after losing four of their past five matches in a huge blow to their hopes of qualifying for the Champions League.

Per Nick Lustig of Sky Sports, Wenger recently told beIN Sports those talks have been put on hold, which could be seen as a bad sign.

"Why not (with Arsenal)?" he said.

"My name is quoted to succeed Wenger, I hear that".

'You have clubs like Man City, Man United, certainly the championship will be won by Chelsea so we have all, and no matter how many we are, Tottenham, all these clubs, every year only one will win it'.

'Unfortunately we lost against Bayern Munich in the Champions League, we lost some games in the Premier League, so there is some little bit of troubles with the team.

"We'll talk soon and then make adecision". "We don't know and we won't know, but I also need to learn my job".

Iwobi added: "I tell you, we're working as hard as we can to improve, everyone's fighting for the manager, I can tell you that for a fact, everyone's trying to prove ourselves".

"Whatever happens we are the players, we affect the result".