Trump's new choice for labor secretary faces Senate

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If confirmed, Acosta would be the first Hispanic member of Trump's Cabinet. The nominee did not bite, saying he would not weigh in on such manners because the president sets policy. "I don't think you'll see the really nasty press releases".

In the February 3 memo, Mr. Trump also called for a new economic and legal analysis of the rule's "likely impact", and ordered the DOL to publish a proposed rule rescinding or revising the fiduciary regulation if the department's review finds the proposed rule will have a negative impact or is "inconsistent with administrative policy".

"With the need to rebuild the Nation's military without increasing the deficit, this Budget focuses the Department of Labor on its highest priority functions and disinvests in activities that are duplicative, unnecessary, unproven, or ineffective", the blueprint says in its labor section.

President Trump's second choice to lead the Labor Department will take center stage next week on Capitol Hill. During his eight months at the labor board, Acosta sided frequently with management, including in a controversial 2003 decision that found it was legal for a clinic to fire nurses because they started a strike four hours later than they had said they would.

"If everything becomes a priority, things are no longer priorities ..." "I believe in a unitary executive".

Murray, who has collected $2.1 million in campaign donations from organized labor, later quizzed Acosta about whether he felt he could stand up to political pressure.

The nominee's time at the Department of Justice under former President George W. Bush, particularly where it concerns an employee serving under Acosta in the Civil Rights Division, was discovered to have hired attorneys based on political ideology.

"Most members of the employer community can not wait for the Department of Labor to jettison everything that happened in the last eight years", said Paul DeCamp, a management attorney who ran the agency's Wage and Hour Division under Bush. "If we cant, then we resign". Trump's first labor nominee, Andrew Puzder, withdrew from consideration on the eve of his confirmation hearing after questions about his hiring of a housekeeper not authorized to work in the US and about other issues.

Labor Department veterans expect that under Acosta, as in past Republican administrations, enforcement agencies will take a less punitive approach to companies, with a shift in emphasis towards working cooperatively. The committee vote is expected to happen next week, according to an aide for Alexander.