Drake's newest project, 'More Life,' is now streaming all over the internet

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Immediately following, More Life was available on competing streaming sites but commercially windowed on iTunes for an unspecified period expected to be no longer than two weeks.

Drake released his much anticipated "More Life" playlist project on his OVO radio show.

Adelle Platon has the dope on the collaborators on More Life hereand Fader's Ezra Glenn goes one step better with track-by-track credits. Across an extensive 81 minutes, Drake tries on every genre he's toyed with in the past, segueing from trap to dancehall to Afrobeat and London grime with the hyper-efficient versatility that's become one of his artistic calling cards.

But it's also more than that.

However, More Life shouldn't be considered as a straight album from the artist, or even a mixtape, acting more as a playlist of new music from Drake himself and other OVO Sound affiliates. Of its unit sum, traditional album sales could equal around 200,000 to 250,000. With More Life available on a range of services, topping that number in the first week shouldn't be too hard.

In 2016, Drake released what is considered by many to be one of his worst albums. The fact that it was somewhat sonically hemmed in by its concept-Caribana-inspired jams and spare, empty-tundra beats, reflecting summer and winter in Toronto-didn't help, either. While the project is still lengthy - 22 songs - it flows better and Drake sounds inspired again. It's a message that's afforded by streaming-services, taking advantage of the ability to send out a pile of songs all out at once in a thump. He plays it off like he's not even trying- the term playlist implies something fleeting, as if Drake is just trying to get this hour-and-half of music off his mind.

Surprisingly, it may be Drake's fascination with United Kingdom grime that stands out most on "More Life". "I want to make sure they learn from me". The end of the song gives us a sample from Earth Wind & Fire's "Devotion" and lets you know that that these rappers, while confident, are still very thankful for their fans.

Art, after all, has always been influenced by the technology of its time and the way it is distributed. But these are new rules. Of course he wrote the most Drake-ish titled "Passionfruit".

Plus, More Life is poised to set the record for the most streams generated by an album's songs in a single week.