Google Decided To Pull Beauty And The Beast 'Ad' From Home

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Being hassled by advertisers while using Home isn't a "feature" that Google has ever talked about before. A Reddit user posted a story about how he was given all the day's info with a quick audio advertisement. Others think this is a violation of privacy. However, this time it ended with a note saying "By the way, Beauty and The Beast open in theaters today". In this version, Belle is the inventor. It has the Google Assistant built-in, so you are able to ask it the usual questions you've been able to ask Google for quite some time. They then quickly followed up with a statement that suggests it's not an ad but rather some type of algorithm deciding what content to dish out to you. But some people were not happy about it. Within a few hours Google had removed the ad from Home and issues a mild apology. Google's response doesn't exactly inspire confidence, either, as they reportedly told The Verge simply, "This isn't an ad; the beauty in the Assistant is that it invites our partners to be our guest and share their tales". Its statement basically said that what played wasn't an ad, even though it certainly sounded like one.

We also tend to forget that it's an ad company. This was incorporated by the company as part of the My Day feature, which offers users helpful tips and information about the day. "We will be continuing to experiment with new ways to surface unique content for users and we could have done better in this case".

Will this be a trend now?

And you can always pay a little more to get rid of those ads entirely.

"Spammy Google Home spouts audio ads without warning - now throw yours in the trash", screamed a headline on tech site The Register.

Google's head of ads and commerce Sridhar Ramaswamy said in November that the firm's monetization of search queries could "range from being purely transactional, meaning we make it convenient for you to fulfill a transaction with this assistance, or it can involve promotion". Alexa is probably a little easier to understand for most of us, as everyone assumes that a product they buy from Amazon is at least partially there to sell products on Amazon, but we tend to forget that Google is doing the same thing. Still, audio ads interrupting the device's basic functions could be a deterrent to potential buyers, and existing Home owners may not be too happy about this new development.