ADX Celebrates International Day Of Happiness

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The council, announced yesterday ahead of the International Day of Happiness, will be headed by Global Happiness Report author Columbia University professor Jeffrey Sachs and receive administrative support from the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

The UAE was the first country in the Arab world to establish a Ministry of Happiness.

The meeting was convened at an initiative of Bhutan, a country which recognized the supremacy of national happiness over national income since the early 1970s and famously adopted the goal of Gross National Happiness over Gross National Product.

Jayme Illien, Founder, International Day of Happiness, said, "We are thrilled to partner with Tourism Fiji and Fiji in 2017".

The Action for Happiness pledge is "I will try to create more happiness in the world around me", with the goal of creating a happier world together.

How can you join the movement?

If you live in Sky Gardens, Index Tower or Burj Damam, your world just got a little more cheerful...


On this occasion, ADX staff were engaged in a work shop to highlight the grand concepts of happiness and the importance of having it firmly entrenched in the workplace and among the people of UAE. Do let us know using the comments section below.