Protests follow President Trump to Florida

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This Saturday, President Trump has a scheduled visit to the Melbourne airport.

The event, which is listed on Trump's campaign website, will take place at a hangar at the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport, the site of a previous Trump campaign rally in September.

His return to Melbourne is a return to one of the hottest campaign rally spots Trump had in Florida during his triumphant run through last summer and fall.

Trump is expected to arrive on Air Force One at Palm Beach International Airport in the afternoon, sometime after he makes a 12:30 p.m. visit to a Boeing plant in SC. White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders on Friday told reporters that the event is a way for Trump to circumvent the media and deliver his message straight to the people.

It is an ambitious move by the billionaire leader, who filed 2020 registration paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission on the same day of inauguration.

It's unclear how regularly Trump plans to hold these events, but presumably they will be his way of bypassing the press and speaking directly to the American people.

Huge rallies were the hallmark of Trump's presidential campaign. He thrives off that energy and reportedly spends his evenings alone in the White House, as his wife and young son are still living in NY at Trump Tower.

President Donald Trump will be in Florida this weekend for the third weekend in a row, and for the third weekend in a row, there will be protests against Trump.

The event Saturday is being put on by Trump's campaign, rather than the White House.

Trump's reset effort started Thursday with a marathon press conference where he defended his administration and denounced the "criminal" leaks that took down his top national security adviser.

The White House made no secret of the Melbourne rally's campaign-trail feel.