Gameband is a New Smartwatch With Atari Games For Your Wrist

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Elsewhere, the Gameband features a 1.63-inch, 320 x 320 resolution AMOLED display, with the watch powered by Qualcomm's wearable-focused Snapdragon 2100 processor and 512MB RAM. It also features a microSD card for expansion and is created to connect to both, iOS and Android smartphones via Bluetooth.

There's a three-axis accelerometer, and gyro and light sensors in Gameband's smartwatch, and a 400mAh battery to power the thing, with charging taking place through a USB Type-C port, which also helps you connect to a PC. Calling it the first smartwatch for gamers, Gameband will be available in three variants - a simple one clad in black, a version in Atari's signature red, and the last involving Terraria. It will also have mini-games based on Atari properties like Pong, Centipede and more.

If that vague promise is eventually delivered on, games designed for smartwatches could carve a new niche, in the same way that mobile games embraced touchscreen inputs incredibly well and exploded in popularity. It will run on a proprietary flavor of Android that not only comes prepackaged with a set of games, but also with some productivity apps. More importantly, the GameBand actually includes a microSD slot that allows you to add up to 256GB of additional storage.

FMTwo Game says the device will also come with more general goal apps like a calendar, contacts, weather, alarm, a music player and Alexa voice control.

Gameband is a New Smartwatch With Atari Games For Your Wrist
Gameband is a New Smartwatch With Atari Games For Your Wrist

The headlining Atati edition of the GameBand contains up to 20 classic titles which can be played directly on the smartwatch OLED screen while on the go, or plugged into a computer and played on the much bigger screen that provides.

Early Bird Kickstarter backers can order either version of the Gameband by pledging $149.

As well as the Atari Edition, FMTwo - the company behind the project, are producing a standard edition (plus 5x mini games), and a Terraria game (plus 5x mini games) edition. The smartwatch will retail for $199, or about Rs. 13,300, after launch. The Gameband is now scheduled to start shipping to backers sometime in September 2017.