Three Killed After Crowded 4WD Washed Into NT River

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The bodies of a 61-year-old man and a 61-year-old woman have been recovered from inside the troop carrier, and efforts are underway to retrieve that of a 21-year-old man.

Three people have been killed after being washed off a road while driving across a river in a remote part of the Northern Territory.

The vehicle was fully submerged but was located approximately 50 metres downstream of the crossing.

Police recovered the bodies of a male and female passenger, both 61 years old.

Duty superintendent Rob Farmer had said on Friday night that police held grave fears for the missing three people.

"If you come across a river crossing that is fast-flowing, that is a lot higher than what you're normally expecting or used to crossing, please take it safe, wait it out and wait for the waters to recede".

12 of those inside the vehicle - usually created to seat 11 - were able to get out before it became fully submerged.

The group was made up of people from the predominantly Indigenous communities of Wadeye and Palumpa.

The causeway was covered with 60 centimetres of water at the deepest point on Friday night, and is considered impassable by local police at 40 centimetres.