Remembering the crew from the Challenger

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31-years ago the Challenger Space shuttle broke apart little more than a minute after taking off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. We emphasize the importance of critical 21st century skills and give students an opportunity to apply their STEM knowledge to real world scenarios while they take on roles similar to those of scientists, engineers, and other professionals in today's workforce.

All seven crew members were killed.

To honour those six fearless men and woman who lost their lives on the Challenger, NASA observes a Day of Remembrance today (Jan 28) and also remembers those who died in the Apollo 1 in 1967 and Columbia accidents in 2003.

The accident led to a 32-month suspension of the shuttle program while President Ronald Reagan's Rogers Commission investigated the disaster. An investigation later revealed a seal on the rocket booster had failed.

Those who tuned in to watch the launch of NASA's latest space shuttle on the morning of January 18, 1986, witnessed one of the space agency's most tragic accidents.

On Friday, just one day earlier, NASA marked the 50th anniversary of the fatal Apollo 1 launchpad fire.