Chief Flynn says MPD will not Support President Trump's Immigration Plan

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Hundreds protest President Donald Trump's order to keep people from entering the United States from several Middle Eastern countries on Saturday, January 28th.

Flynn's comments are in stark contrast to Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke's, who has consistently sided with President Trump on his immigration stance. Critics say it's discrimination and will ultimately hurt US foreign relations.

More than 100 protesters rallied outside of the federal courthouse in Milwaukee on Saturday.

"We believe this is blatant discrimination and we believe it's against the USA national interests", said Soroush Aslani, rally organizer.

Since Trump signed the executive order on Friday, airports in several foreign countries have removed, from flights bound for the USA, migrant travelers from those seven nations.

On Friday, Trump signed an executive order banning, for 90-days, refugees from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen - and indefinitely prohibiting immigrants from Syria from entering the U.S. He says the halt is created to make America safer by giving his administration time to assess the vetting process for refugees from nations that he says pose terrorism concerns.

The ban comes on the heels of another executive order signed earlier this week that threatens to take away any federal funding from so-called sanctuary cities or communities that don't turn over undocumented immigrants to federal agents for deportation.

Part of the order calls for local police departments to enforce immigration laws.

"The role of our local police department is to protect them, that's our roll", said Flynn.