Trump signs executive orders aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration

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"We are not going to engage in immigration enforcement, and we are also not going to engage in conspiracies with immigration officers that are going to undermine our ability to maintain the trust and relationship that we now enjoy with our entire community", he said on Wednesday, according to the Mercury News.

Detroit has a large immigrant population, but President Trump's executive order to crack down on undocumented immigration means some families and communities could be separated. Using local cops as immigration agents, they say, would shut the door on vast communities of immigrants, creating more opportunity for criminal activity, not less.

In the order, Trump threatens to pull federal funding from sanctuary cities.

Though details remain vague, the order could jeopardize billions of dollars in housing, health, education and other types of federal aid.

In August, Vaughn wrote a blog entry on the CIS website reporting that the city was the first of 306 cities and counties removed from the list because Garber had rescinded "the controversial and misguided sanctuary policy that had been implemented by his predecessor".

Washington also sent $238 million to municipalities to fund airport improvements and $153 million for HIV prevention and relief. Moreover, they suggest that many police departments already cooperate with the federal government. "I think all the cities, Los Angeles, New York, and every other city that's a sanctuary city have to stay strong and hold our own and fight back", Solis said. "We'll be coming out with policy on that in the next four weeks", Trump added.

The so-called "sanctuary city" issue is perhaps the most intriguing for Colorado, with cities such as Denver, Aurora and Boulder being labeled as such.

Trump signs executive orders aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration
Trump signs executive orders aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration

Sanctuary city is not an official designation.

While many activists fighting for immigration rights have rallied in support of sanctuary cities and hail their importance in protecting undocumented immigrants, there's reason to believe it's simply all talk from municipal officials. But each city has vowed some sort of protection to undocumented residents. Democrats made that argument passionately against Arizona's SB 1070, which allowed local law enforcement officers to ask people whom they stopped for another legitimate objective to prove that they were legally resident in the United States.

Enforcing federal immigration law "is just not what we do, which is why our policy will not change, even with the new Trump executive action", says Captain Scroggin, a 32-year veteran, in an interview with the Monitor.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto responded, "I have said time and again, Mexico will not pay for any wall". "We have a lawyer here if they need to counseling on immigration status, they can come and ask what their solution is", said Salomon Rosas, representative of the Mexican consulate of San Bernardino. Denver received about $39 million in federal funds in fiscal 2016.

While Trump has long pledged to cut funding to sanctuary cities, that effort could stand only to stymie Trump's pledge to help rid inner cities of what he describes as "carnage". Many public workers' salaries could be in jeopardy as well as the facilities and institutions that keep American trade moving, such as ports. "And that policy is not going to change".

For example, Trump issued a presidential memorandum on January 23 that banned all foreign nongovernmental organizations from receiving USA funds from performing or promoting abortion, reversing an Obama action.

Chan said she believes the order was purposely vague because there are several court cases dealing with states' rights that could make it hard for the Trump administration to legally require cities and counties to enforce immigration law - and that limit what funds they can withhold from cities and counties.