Facebook unveils feedback-based Privacy Basics

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BOG DWELLERS USED TO WADING THROUGH MUD may enjoy Facebook's new way of presenting its privacy information.

Privacy Basics is centered around offering tips and advice around Facebook privacy, an issue that has repeatedly plagued the company in the past. But the firm does make efforts to explain what sacrifices its users make when they sign up to its pages.

This week it introduced its "New Privacy Basics", which presents the privacy sacrifices in a cartoonish form. Privacy Basics sounds like it has a few elements to it, but it must be simpler than the last lot. Information on privacy will also be organised so that it is easier to find.

Many will wonder what the significance of this announcement, but on Data Privacy Day, Facebook seeks to remind users to double-check their security so that the right people see what's needed and you don't have any embarrassing moments.

As part of Data Privacy Day on January 28, Facebook is launching a new version of its Privacy Basics page to help people understand how to take control of their information on the site.

Created, Facebook says, using user feedback, Privacy Basics puts all of the top privacy topics and frequently asked questions within easy reach.

Once you find the Privacy Basics page (it's not given prominent placement on the home screen), you'll get a clear, well-designed series of pages that explain how to fine-tune your settings.

When I share stories and photos on Facebook, I often forget how many people see my postings - until someone I didn't expect leaves a comment. Also available is information on how you determine who you share with.