Trump's favorability rating historically low, poll finds

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A new CNNORC poll shows 40 percent approve of Donald Trump's performance during the transition.

Meanwhile, if Trump were to fall into a disagreement with conservative commentators, 45 percent of respondents said they would be likely to support him while 42 percent saw themselves erring on the side of the pundits.

Yet while the national polls weren't that far off - Hillary Clinton beat Trump by two points in the popular vote, 48 percent to 46 percent - this NBC/WSJ poll and other post-election surveys don't depend on pollsters' assumptions about which voters will come to the polls.

Almost two-thirds say they're either very or somewhat concerned about Trump trying to impede journalists as they report on his incoming administration. The President-elect's approval numbers have fallen since November. Bikers for Trump are on their way. By contrast, President Barack Obama had an 80 percent approval rating as he prepared to enter office. Dwight Eisenhower also held a slightly more positive image than Obama, with disapproval 10 points lower than Obama's despite trailing the current president by 1 point in positive marks. Clinton won almost three million more popular votes than Trump, but he prevailed where it mattered, in the Electoral College, the system of state-by-state outcomes the US uses to pick its presidents.

Jordan's Ambassador to the US Dina Kawar will attend the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump in Washington DC, slated for Friday, a government official said on Tuesday.

Worse, by most metrics, Americans' impressions of Trump "have worsened since November". A Quinnipiac poll found Trump to have a favorability rating of 37 percent.

Trump is poised to take office with the lowest approval ratings of any new president in recent history, but despite a chaotic transition, Americans trust the billionaire on one crucial point: jobs, Agence France-Presse reported.

-Fifty-seven percent line up, with Trump, in favor of "renegotiating the NAFTA trade agreement with Mexico and Canada" and "punishing companies that move jobs from the other companies".

"The same people who did the phony election polls, and were so wrong, are now doing approval rating polls".

One major shift that has already occurred since Trump's presidential victory is a flip in the partisan divide on this question.

There is limited enthusiasm for Trump's Cabinet choices, with 52 percent saying they are average or better and 44 percent considering them below average or poor, according to Gallup. This year, as the public watches Trump's freaky antics unfold during his transition period, the president-elect's support is reaching depths unlike anything we've ever seen.