Overwatch Dev Update Video Discusses Rewarding PTR Players

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But the publisher chose to clarify things with the release of a new video, in which Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan provided a fairly good explanation as to why PC owners get the "cool stuff" before console owners.

Among the game's many positive qualities, one of the biggest contributors to the massive success of Overwatch has been Blizzard's consistent rate of updates and support. While the server is in fact a place where players can experience the upcoming changes first-hand and deliver feedbacks, the PTR also serve as a way for developers to iron out the bugs, glitches, etc. and make the final touches to the changes prior to its release on the live version.

Blizzard is exploring the possibility of rewarding players for playing on Overwatch's public test realm, although nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

This is due to the PTR, Kaplan explains: "We use the PTR time on PC to help get through that certification process on the consoles".

Overwatch Dev Update Video Discusses Rewarding PTR Players
Overwatch Dev Update Video Discusses Rewarding PTR Players

"On PC, we run on Battle.net, or the Blizzard platform, which is something we wholly own and control here at Blizzard", noted Kaplan. This is to ensure that patches for each platform will come out at as close to the same time as possible.

Incentives like transferring some of the EXP gained in PTR to the main game or awarding loot boxes has been suggested by players but for Blizzard, the main issue is diverting resources away from the main game.

"And right now we wrestle with, is the best way to spend our time engineering features for the PTR so players have more incentive [to play on it], or using that same development time and putting it towards the more core features or content of the game that go out to all players?"