Microsoft Surface Phone To Copy Samsung & LG

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Still, it's an intriguing indication of one possible direction Microsoft is apparently considering.

The publication notes that the foldable design leaks might not be the final look of the rumored Surface Phone, but it will give tech enthusiasts an idea of what to expect from the next unit. "As these form factors are optimized for mobile use, a size of the device becomes a primary consideration in its design and implementation as well as in a choice made by a consumer as to which device to purchase".

A new patent from Microsoft suggests that Microsoft is also working on a foldable device of their own. The designer is recorded as Kabir Siddiqui, who has likewise effectively patented Microsoft's Surface kickstand and Surface camera angle earlier.

Of course, companies file far more patent applications than the products they actually bring to market.

According to PCWorld, this might be a thrilling concept but a serious problem is, this patent is aged.

CIOL Patents reveal Microsoft too could be exploring foldable smartphones
Microsoft awarded patent for foldable phone that opens up into a larger tablet

The Microsoft Surface series is expected to launch a foldable smartphone that will expand into a tablet.

It is to consider that mobile devices were very favorable for Microsoft just before as compared today's generation.

Patent number United States 9,541,962 aims to accomplish what a number of other companies, such as LG and Samsung, are already looking at - smartphones with foldable screens that can open up into a more tablet-like experience.

This patent can be utilized to both mobile and desktop, with links to the secondary device and an external display. It indicates that the forthcoming Surface mobile device is category-defining merchandise as the original Surface. Microsoft initially documented this plan patent in October 2014.

The recent revelation of Microsoft about Windows 10 on ARM operating system, with emulation for x86 built-in is seemingly real this 2017. If this happens, Microsoft will not potentially release a prototype Surface mobile device 2017.