Here's why Ajay Devgn wrote an emotional letter to Salman Khan

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The actor-director, who wowed audiences with his action-thriller - Shivaay - on Diwali previous year, is upset with dear friend Salman Khan for co-producing a film based on a subject similar to his ambitious project "Sons of Sardaar: The Battle of Saragrahi", a report suggests. They've worked together on multiple films and Salman even made a special appearance in Ajay's Son Of Sardar. Read what happened next below.

According to reports, after hearing this news, Ajay sent out an emotional message to Salman, asking him to reconsider the film's story. "When the truth of the news finally sank in, Ajay couldn't contain his emotions". However, when he was sure, he sent across an emotional message to Salman saying he had not expected Salman to hurt him like this.

Mumbai: Salman Khan and Ajay devgn share a great camaraderie but recently the latter was taken a back when he came to know that his good friend is co-producing a movie with a storyline same as his. "He requested Salman not to do the same story if possible", the insider added. "He said to Salman that it was unfair to make a film on the same subject that his team has been working for the last two years". "He will never do anything to hurt a friend", the source said.

On the other hand, a source close to Salman told DNA that the superstar might not be aware of that Ajay is also making the film. "Now, it needs to be seen what Ajay's next plans would be".

Well, it's really surprising to know that Salman Khan said "yes" to the same project which Ajay Devgn had announced past year.