Palestinians Thank UN for Giving Them Permission to Murder Jews

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And as Kerry spoke, it all seemed like precisely the sort of leadership lecture we should have been watching on YouTube as an old rerun.

The Obama administration's heinous reversal of decades of American policy in siding with the Palestinians is stunning, as is its joinder in their propaganda war against the Israelis in endorsing the treacherous lie that Israel is illegally occupying Palestinian territory beyond the lines established in the 1949 Armistice Agreements, including the Western Wall, and even in Jewish sections of Jerusalem. And most Jews today, as shown by their distribution around the world, have no need for a Jewish homeland.

But since Trump is not yet president, it was presumptuous of him to publicly warn the administration, via Twitter no less, not to let the resolution clear the council. In fact, however, the parameters for a solution are reasonably well known.

Israel is grateful for the "changes and the shifts" in the Indian position at United Nations bodies in the past two years, says Israel's Ambassador Daniel Carmon.

He also argued the reason why the U.S. did not veto this resolution has to be seen in the light of President Barack Obama's lame duck period and the defeat of the United States proxy war in Syria.

Dermer announced that Israel eagerly awaits the Trump administration, as he indicated he would be presenting evidence of US collusion to Donald Trump rather than to Obama.

"According to the report", MEMRI said, "the minutes of the "top secret" meeting of [Secretary of State John] Kerry, [National Security Adviser Susan] Rice, Erekat, and Faraj revealed U.S".

The opposite, respect for human rights, including facilitating the kind of movement and access that enables development, expands opportunities, and thus unlocks the potential of young people in Israel and in Palestine is the best way to ensure a better future for us all.

Two states: Fulfill the vision of two states for two peoples, one Jewish and one Arab, with mutual recognition and full equal rights for all their respective citizens. It was approved by the cabinet, implemented on November 25, 2009, and was to run until September 25, 2010. This diplomatic sidestepping is counterproductive to achieving a real and lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Each time, Palestinian President Abbas rejected the offer outright. Thank goodness Obama is on the way out and the restoration of our relationship will soon begin. It has effectively removed any incentive for the Palestinian Authority to have face-to-face negotiations with the Jewish State. And why are settlements such a big issue for this administration anyway? Lindsay Graham are already advocating the cutoff of US funds to the retaliation for this latest clear anti-Israel action, which also gives Donald Trump an excuse to boast again as to how things will be different when he takes over the USA presidency.

With all that in mind, why is anybody surprised by President Obama's abstention?

"Biden lobbied Ukraine and of course administration officials are too cowardly to admit it", said a senior pro-Israel official who is working with Congress regarding the resolution. "The good news is we have a new president coming, Donald J. Trump, who is determined to be on the right side of history and of God on this issue", Jeffress said. It can not be imposed by outside bodies like the United Nations. Without external pressure, such as trade and cultural sanctions on Israel, there is nothing to prevent the latticework that is Palestine from being eaten away to the point where it is as no longer viable as a state.

In 2003, in the lead up to the 2004 presidential primaries, the then-senator Kerry addressed the Arab American Institute national conference, poignantly describing the daily hardships faced by Palestinians under occupation. The council can not compel Israel to apply it by force in case it refuses to.

The first step was the UN Security Council resolution passed two Fridays ago. Since Russia and China each have a veto, that is very unlikely to happen.

Israel has responded sharply to the 14 countries that voted for the resolution and the US that refused to veto it. This vote occurred after the presidential election and nearly two years before the mid-term elections.

Obama also has chosen now to take a hardline against Russian Federation for allegedly hacking sensitive internal e-mails that embarrassed the Democratic Party, although he stops short of saying it influenced the election. Sadly, he is probably correct.