Dog mauls owners after they tried to put sweater on him

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A dog viciously attacked three members of a family after its owner tried to put a Christmas sweater on him.

Brenda Guerrero, 52, had been trying to put a sweater on the dog when he attacked and bit her.

As for Scarface, it remains unclear what will happen to him, WFTS reported.

The dog transformed into his namesake, attacking Brenda and acting like a coked up Tony Montana at the end of Scarface when he refused to go down without a fight.

At this point, the Guerrero's adult son, Antoine Harris, tried to come to the rescue by stabbing Scarface in the head with a knife. Scarface attacked Harris, too.

Animal control and police were called to the scene and according to WTSP, they shot the dog with a tranquilizer gun.

Police said the dog got into the house, where two children were in a back room.

A bean bag gun, taser and catch pole had to be used to subdue and capture the dog, the agency said.

The Guerreros were taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries. Mrs. Guerrero's injuries are believed to be serious, though not life threatening. All three people injured are expected to recover.

Hillsborough County Animal Control now has the dog. is a nonprofit organization that is "dedicated to putting the safety of humans before dogs", according to its website. Pit bulls were involved in 82 percent of those deaths despite only making up about 6.6 percent of the US dog population.

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