Brad Pitt: Angelina Jolie "furious" that he spent Christmas with their children

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"She is avoiding Brad at all costs and will not text, call or communicate with him except through lawyers and staff".

Brad Pitt's now-estranged wife filed documents to end their marriage on September 19.

Angelina Jolie has reportedly made a decision to avoid any confrontations with Brad Pitt and has gone on a "war mode" to secure the custody of her six children. This claim now drives the family to see a specialist with the goal for Pitt to have the capacity to visit with his children.

For Christmas this year, things worked out and Pitt could have his youngsters at his home for the occasion. She can't believe it's happening. When Brad was authorized to receive the children at home, she has done everything to change the terms of the agreement and organize visits to her. However, she was immovably told no.

As of now, Jolie is battling for sole authority of the children and Pitt is searching for shared guardianship. In court papers, Pitt's legal counselors battle Jolie and her lawyers claiming that they are taking a chance with the kids' security while attempting to make him look terrible in their filings. Meanwhile, Pitt is hoping to establish joint physical custody.

"The source continued, "[During] the minimal visitations Brad has had with the children, nannies, bodyguards and other assistants have moved the children between the parents". According to the source, this latest decision by the children's therapists is considered a "big victory for Brad" because Jolie reportedly didn't want him to see his children this Christmas. Not all six kids were forced to go, however, the two oldest, Maddox and Pax did have the option of staying home, though it's unknown if they did.

Brad Pitt has not been seen with his kids since Jolie's divorce filing, but the children have been seen out and about in Los Angeles with their mother.