11-year-old boy receives adoption certificate for Christmas

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Landon Rice got his wish this weekend and it left him speechless after opening his gift.

Landon, who is the biological son of Janelle, has always been open about his desire to be adopted by his stepdad and Janelle's husband, Daniel Rice.

When he was 5 years old, he told his mother that he wanted to "marry daddy" like she did, so they could have the same last name, WTSP reported.

"When he was about five-years-old we heard it first", Janelle said.

Daniel secretly began the long process of adopting Landon a few months ago, finishing in time to give Landon the best possible Christmas gift. Eleven-year-old Landon Rice was left speechless when he opened the framed certificate on December 25.

This is the moment Landon realises what's beneath the wrapping paper.

Janelle explained that the process was "truly nothing huge to us, just a legality!" "But it obviously meant the world to Landon".

The video is a tearjerker and has now been watched over 24 million times on Facebook.