NORAD prepares to track Santa's around-the-world flight

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The man himself was in with Bobby Kerr on Saturday to explain just how he manages to make his way around the world in one night, and how he will be able to make his way to Ireland later on with all his gifts. In each of the social handles, Santa trackers should type in @noradsanta in the search engine to begin their journey.

The vast expanse of Ardgillan Demesene offered plenty of landing opportunities for the sleigh and the reindeer were delighted with the food on offer at the castle and happily munched away on assortment of fresh vegetables as Santa sat down for a chat.

Before I go, I just want to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS.

We learn how to love and give, by being loved and by giving and receiving. "Anything that we can do to make their day better, is good at the end of the day". 'Oh no, no, no I couldn't retire - who else would do it?

At the time this story was published, the two trackers placed Santa's sleigh in roughly the same region of the world but there are discrepancies in their data. Each year since, NORAD has dutifully reported Santa's location on December 24th to millions of children and families across the globe. He said: 'Well you would do it if you could. "So he talked to him, ho-ho-ho'd and asked if he had been a good boy and, 'May I talk to your mother?' And the mother got on and said, 'You haven't seen the paper yet?" If this is true, children don't stand in need of a fictional, magical character to maintain their innocence when the reality of a blanket of snow can be wonderful. After all, the former Calgarian has a serious and important job most days of the year, overseeing the U.S. That ordeal was a real disaster, I'll tell you. Or, did you accidentally stumble on your Christmas toys which forced your parents to tell you the truth about Santa? However, far from protecting children the Santa lie facilitates insidious and harmful activities for children: consumerism, trust in strangers, and the belief that being "naughty" and "nice" are mutually exclusive.

"Donald Trump has been trying to get his hands on it for years!"

However, to add to the Christmas magic, Maltapost this year placed a special letterbox next to Santa's Post Office, opposite the Law Courts in Valletta.

'Well there has been years of recession in the North Pole too, you know? Then there was the pastor who showed up recently at an Amarillo, Texas, shopping mall, shouting to the children in line to see the old guy that "Santa Claus does not exist". I wore them around the office, the house, everywhere.

Santa will arrive in the skies over Ireland later tonight.