Draymond Green Concerned How New CBA Will Impact Lower Earning Players

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Now one of the most underpaid players in the league earning $12.1 this season, the two-time MVP can earn up to $207 million over five-years under the new collective bargaining agreement that the National Basketball Association and NBPA tentatively agreed to yesterday. The new rule certainly brought benefits for the National Basketball Association superstars; Curry has been a two time MVP and he played for the Warriors his entire career as per ESPN. To meet that requirement, however, certain qualifications are needed. The Warriors will probably be tightened to keep its team together. ESPN's reports adds that with those accomplishments, Curry may meet the qualifications needed to permit a maximum salary.

The new set up is so weighted in favour of encouraging players to stay put that if Curry was to leave the Warriors he would be able to sign a deal worth "only" $135 million over five years with another team.

Under the previous CBA, a player of Curry's caliber would have only been eligible for 30 percent of a team's cap.

Because Curry has played his entire career for the Warriors and won multiple MVPs, he would qualify for the provision.

The NBA and the NBA Players Association tentatively agreed to a seven-year collective bargaining agreement this week that includes an opt-out after six seasons.

National Basketball Association commissioner Adam Silver acknowledged weeks ago that the league and NBAPA were determined to give small-market teams "some advantages" in their efforts to retain star players.

He signed his extension in October 2013 for $44 million and he is playing the last year of his four year contract. They were able to offer Durant most years but not the most immediate dollars. This will make the Warriors exceptional ability to retain the number one free agent along with Durant.