Trump Taps Kelly to Run Homeland Security

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That's not the point of the facility, Kelly said.

"I am charged by the president, we are charged by the president - the U.S. government - to maintain their health to the degree that we can", he continued.

Still, Kelly attracted notice while at the Southern Command for comments about the military prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, which fell in his area of responsibility.

Kelly questioned Obama's decision to open military combat jobs to women. "I like his decision on Gen. Kelly as I do all the others he's made".

On the personal side, Kelly learned firsthand the pain and loss suffered by many military families.

Kelly's son was killed in combat in Afghanistan in 2010.

"Their struggle is your struggle", he told a crowd of former Marines and business people in St. Louis.

"Iran has established more than 80 "cultural centers" in a region with an extremely small Muslim population", he said. The speech has been passed around the Internet ever since. He would also oversee the Transportation Security Administration, which recently clarified that it will allow passengers to carry state-legal marijuana with them on airplane flights as long as local law enforcement agencies don't say otherwise.

See this latest piece shared by Claire Rubin, A workable Homeland Security plan for Trump, where there is nary a word about a topic near and dear to my heart. And it raises the scepter of militarization along the border, as Trump moves forward on his signature issue of immigration and his promise to build a wall along the southern border and go after people living in the country illegally.

Stein urged Trump to consider Kobach for a major role in immigration enforcement, such as running U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Kelly, the third retired general named by Trump to a senior administration post, previous year told Congress that a lack of security on the US-Mexican border posed a threat to the United States.

But Mr. Sharry said he was concerned over the number of generals Trump has appointed.

The former four-star general would head a department in charge of securing borders against illegal immigration, protecting the president, responding to natural disasters and coordinating intelligence and counterterrorism.

Kelly, during his time as Southcom's commander, informed Congress previous year that Iran is bolstering its ties with Latin American countries in order to use the region as a base for operations.

In another 2014 hearing, before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Kelly said Latin American leaders are "in disbelief when they hear us talking about things like legalization, particularly when we still encourage them to stay shoulder to shoulder with us in the drug fight in their part of the world". There was "not yet any indication that the criminal networks involved in human and drug trafficking are interested in supporting the efforts of terrorist groups", he added.

The selection follows a line of high-profile picks by Trump who are known for their outspoken criticism of Iran and the Obama administration's diplomacy with the Islamic Republic. "... Numerous problems that they suffer every day - some of the most violent countries in the world, and they struggle against it - but those problems are directly related to, in my estimation, to our drug problem in the United States, or our drug consumption".

"One more three or four-star general given a senior appointment, and we can start referring to a Trump junta rather than a Trump administration", retired Army lieutenant colonel and military scholar Andrew Bacevich told Time magazine. You suck it up.

He served in combat in Iraq and spent a year as the head of US forces in that country.