Reign canceled, Season 4 will be the last!

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The network has canceled the period drama. The historical fantasy series will end after its upcoming fourth season, sources have confirmed.

Cast members have yet to speak out on the show's cancellation, but former stars Torrance Coombs (who played Bash) and Toby Regbo (who portrayed Francis) took to social media to react to the news. The CW has informed the producers of the decision as the season four finale goes into production, but this news didn't come out of the blue, meaning that season four of the costume drama had been written as a possible final installment.

"I hear that Reign is coming to an end".

Variety reports that the royal drama is now shooting 16 episodes for its fourth and final season, which will premiere on February 10 and is slated to show its finale in June. Therefore, the fourth season finale will be a definitive series finale that provides closure for the show, which has served as a valuable scheduling piece for The CW since its debut. The show has certainly added compelling new characters to the narrative over the years, but none of them quite measure up to the ones who made the show great in the first place. A report from Variety revealed that Reign's ratings have not hit powerhouse from the moment it premiered. That average saw a slight rise to 0.5 and 1.47 million viewers with a week of DVR and on-demand viewing - not enough, by a decent margin, to save the show.

Long-time "Reign" fans are already started petitioning on to get Netflix to pick it up. I just want to say again what a pleasure it was working with such an incredible cast and crew. The final series should then be disseminated current June and then we can find out if the fate of Mary in the series will be different from reality.

"Reign" Season 4 is expected to have 16 episodes in it.

Moreover, season 4 will prove to be very exciting for Mary as she attempts to choose another husband after the death of King Francis II.