Pokemon Go's Nearby Feature Expands Again

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Ever since Niantic scrapped the original Nearby tracker, Pokemon Go players have been begging for the company to bring it back. The next big update is supposed to take place on December 12th.

When Nearby returned in modified form, it only revealed Pokemon in close proximity to PokeStops, a decision that severely limited its usefulness to anyone outside metropolitan areas. After being removed from the game, Niantic now says that Nearby can now be found "in most regions of the world". 100 new Pokemon are being added to the game along with some of the legendary persuasion.

Last week, Niantic Labs made the feature available in the United States, and large parts of Europe.

With the new update announced on Friday, Pokemon Go will now supplement Nearby Pokemon with Sightings.

Although the latest tracker (which only recently rolled out beyond the San Francisco Bay Area) is better than nothing, it's a huge slap in the face for rural players who don't have any PokeStops in their area.

However, several "Pokemon Go" players have notice that if there are no PokeStops nearby, players can have the Nearby Tracker and the Sighting System working at the same time. If The Silph Road sub-Reddit is anything to go by, most players would prefer to have the choice between seeing Nearby Pokemon or Sightings.

How do you think Niantic should handle Pokemon tracking?