Ore. man who died at Yellowstone wanted to 'hot pot'

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A 23-year-old OR man essentially dissolved inside a hot spring at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming after he accidentally fell into it.

Scott, who was from OR, was visiting the 2.2-million-acre park with his sister, Sable, when the pair left a marked trail in search of a pool to bathe in.

Anyone questioning the safety of water at or near a hot spring should look stay on the path and respect boundaries set by the National Park Service. In the report, Sable is quoted saying that Colin was, "reaching down to check the temperature of a hot spring when he slipped and fell into the pool".

When they returned the following day, they were unable to locate any significant part of the victim's body. At the surface, the pools of acidic and super-hot water house living mats of green, orange and pink microorganisms.

Search and rescue rangers did see Scott's body in the scalding, acidic hot spring, but a lightning storm ended their recovery efforts, according to KULR.

"Hot springs have injured or killed more people in Yellowstone than any other natural feature", according to the service.

According to the report, the brother and sister illegally ventured off the boardwalk at Norris Geyser Basin.

They were in an unauthorized area, when Scott reached down to check the temperature of a spring, and slipped and fell into it. The report had been requested in a Freedom of Information Act request by TV station KULR. The park wouldn't share that video or even describe it. "It's a very unforgiving environment". However, it is kept that way to showcase the incredible geothermal resources that are there.

A week later, a tourist from China was fined $1,000 for breaking through the fragile crust in the Mammoth Hot Springs area, apparently to collect water for medicinal purposes. "Our work will spark a new era of stewardship and philanthropy to support the growing needs of the world's first national park and to ensure that Yellowstone lasts for years to come".