Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns

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Andrew Luck was ruled out of Thursday night's game after suffering a concussion last week but even if the Indianapolis Colts star QB wanted to play in this one, he would want to reconsider after his last game against the Steelers.

"For me, it's all about trying to do my job to the best of my ability and do everything I can to help our team win, and the guys that are making the personnel decisions, they're the experts on that, so they're the ones that have to make those decisions and look at those decisions when they're made". It's pretty cool. We all respect him a lot.

"I'm glad to be in meetings and at practice, glad to be around the guys", he said.

As for the record, "It feels good", Harrison said. We were like, 'OK, we need to find a way to win a football game so we don't go 0-16.' To Rod's testament, he stood by that.

Harrison drilled Kessler in the third quarter to pass Jason Gildon (77) for the most sacks in the Steelers' storied defensive history. After one of those, I came over and his chinstrap was like this over his neck. He took me under his wing the second year and showed me how he worked out, how he trained.

First off, I'm really happy I didn't have to go into work with another loss hanging over my head.

"He's the reason I'm the person I am as far as being on the field and how I carry myself as a gentleman".

Coach Mike Tomlin moved him ahead of Jarvis Jones on the depth chart, and Harrison came through the way he always has. Hold them and take the damn penalty and stop getting our quarterbacks hit.

I really thought this game would be closer than it was based on how the Steelers have performed this season. I'm going to be the calming voice and the calming leader that's going to get us through all of this, and we're going to understand that there's one way and it's kind of my way. Kessler was being dragged down when he was hit by Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons, who launched himself and was called for unnecessary roughness.

The defense also scored one touchdown, matching the total it allowed, as rookie nose tackle Javon Hargrave's fumble recovery in the end zone with 3:36 left increased the Steelers' lead to 23-9.

"We just won a game, honestly, that's the approach we have to have", he said. "That's usually what happens when you have a breakdown is you try to overcompensate for what you think is a weakness in the defense instead of just doing your job".

The Browns have a big off-season ahead of them, but they need to identify five offensive linemen that can be great as a unit, whether they are on the roster now or how they can acquire them either in the draft or free agency. We will make them as carefully and consistently as we can. "We just have to do it better". "We're going to continue to have each other's back", Jackson said.

"It means everything in the world to me". "I'm talking about selfish in the fact do your job and everybody else does their job and everything will work out".

This does seem to be a newer trend in his career, as Roethlisberger's numbers in 2012 and 2013 were almost identical home and away, despite a 10-5 record at home and 5-9 on the road over those two seasons.

"They can't keep getting hit like that, and if I want to voice my opinion, I'm going to voice my opinion now, because it's going on too much", he said. Stanton, now backup quarterback in Arizona, was a second-year player on that Lions team. "I think it's coming from a good place".

THEY SAID IT: "Seventy-seven-and-a-half sacks ... Hopefully, we just keep stacking them".

"He's a young guy, and he wants (the ball) all the time", Haley said Tuesday.

"We had to come out and set the tone and get some type of foundation back", Timmons said. "Every play I touched somebody, trust and believe that". "I'm glad he's on my side".