Wild turkeys that vanished in 1800s return to New England

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His daughters were not by as side as usual because Obama claimed they had a "scheduling conflict" and were "fed up".

The two turkeys are named Tater and Tot, which was decided by the president this week.

THE PRESIDENT: Oh, it's not that bad.

The President also took the opportunity - his last pardoning before he leaves office in January - to check off a list of accomplishments he was thankful for: six straight years of job creation, the stock market tripling, uninsured rates at all-time lows thanks to his signature healthcare initiative and marriage equality, among others. Our high school graduation rate is at an all-time high.

Tater and Tot were raised in Northwest Iowa on the Domino family farm. And while accepting our differences and building a diverse society has never been easy, it has never been more important. Obama said it's a time to remember that "we have a lot more in common than divides us".

Before the president and his family gather for Thanksgiving, today, he made time for an executive duty: his final pardoning of the turkey as commander in chief. Who didn't get to ride the gravy train to freedom.

We should also make sure everyone has something to eat on Thanksgiving - of course, except the turkeys, because they're already stuffed.

Obama was not deterred by the groans or the crying saying he hopes that when somebody at the Thanksgiving dinner table says you can't have any more food, you'll respond: "Yes, we cran". (Laughter.) You don't think that's amusing?

Possibly aware of the kindly-leave-the-stage gesture, Obama looked down at the boy and asked: "How am I doing?"

This year, Obama also gave a shout out to all the Thanksgiving turkeys that wouldn't be getting a pass and have a date with the dinner table November 24.

The origin of the pardoning tradition is unclear - tales of spared turkeys date back to the 19th century and the days of Abraham Lincoln whose son, the story goes, convinced him to let a bird live.

"On this Thanksgiving, I want to express my honest gratitude to the American people for the trust that you've placed in me over these last eight years and the incredible kindness that you've shown my family", he said.

"On behalf of Michelle and my mother-in-law and our girls, we want to thank you very, very much". The turkey pardon ceremony has been around since President Harry Truman.

After the pardoning, the turkeys are shipped off to their permanent home at Virginia Tech's "Gobblers Rest", where veterinary students will care for them for the rest of their natural lives.

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, the President took the stage.