Portland man shot during anti-Donald Trump protest

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Protesters chanted "Black Lives Matter", "Love Trumps Hate", "My body, My Choice", "U.S.A., No Trump, No KKK", "No racist U.S.A." and "Not My President".

Immigrants, their advocates and others opposing a Donald Trump presidency are continuing their protest, speaking out against the president-elect's support of deportation and other measures.

Cameron Whitten told the Oregonian newspaper that a vehicle with multiple occupants was crossing the bridge in the opposite direction of the protesters.

In several major USA cities, protesters took to the streets again Friday, as they have done each day since Donald Trump won the presidential election.

Most protests around the nation had been peaceful.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said it was a tradition to honor and respect peaceful protests.

People protest against U.S. President-elect Donald Trump in Miami, Florida, U.S. November 11, 2016.

Portland is the largest in the West Coast state and unrest spilled over onto university campuses and downtown areas. But people unhappy with the election results are mobilizing.

"I think violence detracts from our message on both sides, and same with destruction, but I think we need to think about why those people are being destructive, not just condemn it", a spokesperson for Portland's Resistance, Gregory McKelvey, told KATU.

For the fourth straight day, demonstrators protested President-elect Donald Trump.

Organizers in Manhattan carried signs in English and Spanish saying things like “Hate wont make us great, ” and chanted, “We are here to stay.”.

About 4,500 more people are interested in the Facebook event.

More than a thousand protesters took to the streets across California after night fell including downtown Los Angeles, where over 200 were arrested a night earlier.

Thousands of protesters marched in other major cities like Los Angeles and Chicago.

Prior to the shooting, police launched flash-bang grenades and tear gas at the hundreds of Portland protesters who marched through the city, impeding traffic and vandalizing property, the AP reported.

Elsewhere in California, about 800 people marched through Sacramento and thousands others formed a human chain around the almost 5.5-kilometer (3.5-mile) perimeter of Oakland's Lake Merritt.

Police in Portland, Ore., said Sunday that an anti-Trump protest the night before led to 71 arrests, mostly on charges of disorderly conduct and interfering with a police officer.