Murdered DNC Staffer's Parents Ask Public For Help

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It's been just over 4 months since 27-year-old Seth Rich was murdered in Northwest, D.C. There have still not been any arrests or leads in the case.

The mom added that interim DNC head Donna Brazile "came down, and that's Seth's boss, three levels ahead of Seth, I don't know of any boss three levels that comes down to help".

Seth was shot twice in the back while walking home along Flagler Place on July 10.

Also standing beside them, someone who did not know Seth, and probably did not have much in common with him: GOP lobbyist, Jack Burkman. The fliers mention that reward and an additional $25,000 - the customary police reward in D.C. homicides.

WikiLeaks previously offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to a conviction in Rich's death. Two minutes later he was shot.

They said it's clear there was an altercation because Seth had bruises on his hands and his face.

Monday, Rich's mother detailed the final moments of her son's life.

"So he was just trying to defend himself, and then he turned and he was shot", Joel Rich said.

Seth would have been aware of robberies in the area in recent weeks, Joel Rich said, and noted that the signs of struggle included damage to Seth's watch.

Rich's father, Joel, also urged people to step forward "who know what was going or who may know somebody - we need help from whoever can give the police some more information on what might have happened", the affiliate reported. "So it wasn't, quote, "a professional" kind of weapon".

In addition to seeking information from the public, Burkman raised the possibility that more private security video could be discovered and said there are plans to do a re-enactment of the crime.

"I don't believe there is much evidence of a robbery", said Burkman.

On a cold, blustery Monday, Mary Rich soaked up the sunshine, thankful for its warmth in more ways than one. It doesn't mean anything: "I will, we will, find his murderer".

"When I saw the story about Seth, the heartbreaking story, all I could think of was my mother getting the call that Mary Rich got", Burkman said.

"This is people coming together to solve a problem", she said.