President Obama gives the Cleveland Cavaliers a White House welcome

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Even as I wrote this, I had to research Jill Biden has exactly been doing since she assumed office in 2009 as the Second Lady of the United States. Well, at least until the next Presidential election in four years.

The Cavs posted the video to Facebook saying, "Freezing our White House visit in time forever with the First Lady!" This is slightly different, however.

The impromptu celebration capped a flawless trip to the nation's capital for the Cavs, who added a win to their White House visit by beating the Washington Wizards 105-94 as James had 27 points, 10 rebounds and five assists.

The victory came a day after the reigning champion Cavaliers were feted at the White House by US President Barack Obama.

James and Smith aren't the only Trump opponents who were at the White House Thursday. It's a little ironic that in the media she has not been seen to be much outside of her role as the wife of the Vice President.

Although we can always root for that to happen.

Although other National Basketball Association teams have also partaken in the mannequin challenge, it's impossible to beat the champions when they've got the First Lady.

"Yes, it is surreal", James said Friday morning. "She was happy. I got her here today and when President Obama said Mexico, Mo., she really lost it". (James) is a player and this is a team that knows what this title means to Cleveland. You've been with me for a month. My take on it: let's give him a chance and see what he can do.

LeBron James has changed his tone from deep disappointment to resigned acceptance in the days since President-elect Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, James' preferred candidate. Clinton not only lost the election but she failed to win Ohio. Don't lose a bit of faith! Her speech to the Democratic National Convention, which included the now-famous line, "When they go low, we go high", emphasized the values of inclusion and equality. "Love, genuine LOVE and FAITH will be the only thing that can get us through this".

First lady Michelle Obama and incoming first lady Melania Trump have spoken about the challenges of raising children in the White House.

Soon enough, a pair of free throws by Smith capped a half-ending 11-4 run that put Cleveland up 58-56 at the break, its first lead since 8-7 about 3 minutes into the game.

Melania Trump's son Barron is ten years old and will be the first son to grow up in the White House since John F. Kennedy Jr.