'Lets Work Even Harder': Mark Zuckerberg Responds to Election

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Hours after Donald Trump's upset win over Hillary Clinton, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg took to his popular social network site to express his views. Holding Max, I thought about all the work ahead of us to create the world we want for our children. "This work is bigger than any presidency and progress does not move in a straight line", Zuckerberg says, closing the post by calling for people to "work even harder" than they had before to make the world better.

Mark Zuckerberg has become the latest tech luminary to weigh in on the results of the United States presidential election, issuing a short statement on his own Facebook page.

By his name, Zuckerberg posted a smiling emoji symbol with the words, "feeling hopeful".

Identifying the eradication of disease, improved education and increased access to communication technology as some of the greatest opportunities for his young daughter's generation, Zuckerberg encouraged a "long term focus" on goals that may take decades to achieve.

Earlier this year, Zuckerberg appeared to blast Trump in a veiled reference to the billionaire developer's vow to build a 10-foot-high wall at the U.S. -Mexico border. He uses Max to frame the statement, putting it out alongside a picture of her watching the results roll in on TV, and noting that she'll have many more election nights ahead of her.