Jay Z, Beyoncé, Chance The Rapper & More Encourage Citizens To Vote

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A new survey out Saturday night shows Clinton and Trump in a almost even race just days before the election.

"This is history", Beyoncé told the crowd, according to USA Today.

"There was a time when a woman's opinion did not matter", she said.

"When I see them here, this passion and energy and intensity, I don't even know where to begin because this is what America is my friends", she said. "She's killing this race, but she needs all of our help as American citizens to go out on November 8 and cast our vote".

Cleveland, Ohio was the center of attraction on Friday (Nov. 4) for thousands of Hillary Clinton supporters that attended her mega rally led by Jay Z, NBC reports.

"My lewd language. I'll tell you what, I've never said what he said in my life". "He can not be our president". "He can not be our president".

Beyonce And Jay Z Throw Their Support Behind Hillary Clinton
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Clinton will continue her high-powered efforts in OH on Sunday when LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers superstar, will join her at a "Get Out The Vote" event at 4:30 p.m.at a public auditorium.

Trump continued to hammer home a message to his crowds that Clinton's email scandal proves she is unfit for the White House. The GOP nominee is leading the polls the state.

Beyonce and Jay Z offer testimonials to Clinton.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was quick to mock Clinton for appearing alongside Jay Z on the Cleveland stage. Chance mentions his commitment to his girlfriend and daughter as the reason he cares about the election this year, and others relate the importance of being heard - and the history being made by Clinton as a woman. The event saw other artists including Chance the Rapper, J Cole and Big Sean perform as well.

Young Hov and Queen Bey have relied on streaming giant TIDAL to help give Team Clinton one final wave of support with a public service announcement.

Her "again" was a reference to President Barack Obama being the first African-American POTUS.