Cubs' Epstein voted TSN's MLB executive of the year

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While this dining experience may seem to weird to non-Cubs fans, CNN reported in October that the "billy goat's curse" was cast on the baseball team by Bill "Billy Goat" Sianis, the owner of the Billy Goat Tavern in the Windy City, on October 6, 1945.

The Cubs were the long-running butt of baseball jokes for a very long time because (until 2016) not only had they failed to win a World Series since 1908 (by far the longest championship drought of any Major League team), they hadn't even appeared in one since just after the end of World War II.

The Chicago Cubs have appeared in 11 World Series.

Team President Theo Epstein thanked Hammel for all of his contributions in his nearly three seasons as a Cub. This caused them to gain momentum for Game 7 and not let the "Curse of the Billy Goat" get them.

With the young core the Cubs have, along with the productive veterans they bring back this year, Epstein not only is trying to retool a roster this winter that can repeat, but is looking a lengthy window. With the first words being "Do you believe?"

It's incredible to look at the history of what has taken place in that time frame. However, David Ross answered for the Cubs, blasting Chicago's third solo home run of the game extending his team's lead to 6-3. Not only that, but a win would have also meant that Cleveland could have experienced two championships in one year. The NFL television ratings are down and I predicted two years ago that would occur because of over-legislation and poor quality of play. The regular season ratings continue to decline. A plaque honoring a WWI veteran was lost from the Giants' stadium in the wake of the final game of their 1957 title season.

For the average sports fan in America, it was truly incredible to watch history unfold last Wednesday.

Cubs' Epstein voted TSN's MLB executive of the year
Cubs' Epstein voted TSN's MLB executive of the year

With that, half of Progressive Field erupted, screaming, jumping and flying W flags in a euphoric celebration medley. The fuel that kept the fire going for the Major League Baseball is gone. They had to wait another 71 years to make it back. It was a tale so spectacular that it produced over 40 million viewers and made FOX millions of dollars. Montgomery gained his first career save in Game 7 of the World Series. That day will be renowned by Cub fans of all ages.

The Vikings have plenty of good seasons in Republican years, too. Loveable losers no more. They can thank LeBron James for that.

Then it seems all was right with the world again, as the Cleveland Indians took a 3-1 lead. This victory is what Cubs fans have been dreaming about for more than a century.

"It's between us and ESPN", Cuban said. And now, the story is gone.

With more plot twists than a M. Night Shyamalan movie, this game was a real-life retelling of Disney's "Inside Out", eliciting more emotions simultaneously than our hearts could take.

The first commercial radio broadcast occurred in 1920, and fans had a new way to hear the Cubs lose. But congratulations to the Cubs.

As I was watching the San Francisco 49ers (1-7) Sunday two things struck me.