New Metro Video Game Out In 2017

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For example, Dmitry Glukhovsky's website claims that the Metro 2035 novel was released in 2015, when in fact this novel is still not available.

According to the website for the next book in the Metro series, Metro 2035, a new Metro video game is releasing in 2017, and it will pick up where the book leaves off. A new video game seems to fit perfectly into those plans.

Metro 2033 and Last Light were story-driven first-person shooters from Ukrainian developer 4A Games, which have since been re-released in remastered "Redux" versions, with enhancements to the graphics and gameplay.

Beneath that, it simply says "The next Metro videogame", which is sat alongside 2017 on the timeline.

With the new game tease it's all but certain this is what Prof was hinting at, but just to be sure we've posed the question to series' publisher Deep Silver. An era of great discoveries lies ahead... There are no details about the potential game at this point, and we'll have to wait and see if 4A Games, the developer of the previous titles, will be returning.

"The year is 2033". But their tiny world is threatened by a new awful threat. "Artyom, who is just twenty-four, is the only one who can save them - or condemn us all to extinction". The final book in the trilogy, Metro 2035, launches December 10.

If you've yet to play them, I highly recommend that you do so. Let us know down in the comments.