Presidential Election Polls for November 7, 2016

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The latest CNN Poll of Polls gives Clinton a four-point lead over Trump, 46% to 42%. In most of the swing states that will decide, the race is tight.

Those criticisms were met with equal force by Trump allies on Sunday after Comey cleared Clinton.

According to the poll, Trump and Clinton "will end the election cycle historically unpopular among New Hampshire voters", with both candidates registering negative favorability ratings: -14% for Clinton, and -36% for Trump.

That lead for Clinton reflects the GOP's weakness in large, diverse states - California, New York and IL, to name a few.

Mrs Clinton will not be addressing the emails issue on Monday, her team said, but instead pitching herself as the candidate of "healing and reconciliation".

It can be traced back to a hoax that was doing the rounds last month, claiming that Donald Trump had suffered cardiac arrest during a campaign rally.

"Previously, as you've seen, we've been focused on states like Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, where the majority of the voting happens early".

"It's telling that Donald Trump began and ended his week in Pennsylvania", said Chris Nicholas, a Harrisburg-based GOP strategist, referring to Trump's stops last week in King of Prussia and later at Hershey's Giant Center.

Trump has little margin for error. He already must win almost all of the roughly dozen battleground states.

When the electoral votes from the states where there is a firm leader are awarded, Clinton leads Trump by 216-164.

The state has favored Democrats in recent presidential elections, but polls suggest the race is tightening. Lose Pennsylvania or MI - two industrial states where Trump has always hoped to break through - and that potentially changes. If negative perceptions of both candidates keep people at home, it's anyone's guess how the election could turn out.

A Bloomberg News poll found that Clinton led Trump by 3 points in both four and two-way races. Clinton holds leads of more than 3 points in Minnesota, Michigan, Nevada, Colorado, Virginia and New Hampshire. And even in that, she was just 2 electoral votes shy of 270.

Iowa: The Hawkeye State may have backed President Obama twice, but it appears very likely to go "red" this year. "We have it, we're running on it", Ryan said on the Charlie Sykes radio show. Voters waiting in the St. Louis County absentee line say they've kept their presidential preference secret this year to avoid any controversy with friends, family and co-workers. In July, he said that Clinton had been careless but not criminal in handling sensitive material on her private email server while secretary of state. A Trump campaign spokeswoman did not respond to a request for details on that incident.

Clinton's popularity had dipped after FBI Director James Comey dropped a campaign bombshell eight days earlier with a reopened inquiry into whether she exposed USA secrets by using a private email server while serving as secretary of state.

"Trump isn't gonna win FL if this hold through EDay", Steve Schale, who ran President Obama's Florida campaigns, tweeted Monday morning along with figures showing booming Hispanic turnout, saying South Florida is turning out like it "still had LeBron".

Clinton's campaign said the candidate would not be discussing the news Monday as she campaigns in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and MI.

"And now it's up to the American people to deliver justice at the ballot box on November 8".

A campaign shadow lifted by the FBI, Hillary Clinton on Monday promised to build a "big-hearted" America out of the wreckage of a strikingly divisive presidential race. "I just think it's really shady", Regis said, adding that she did not know why Comey "flip-flopped" on Clinton's emails. If he can do that - and win Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, Nevada, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Ohio and add one electoral vote from ME - he will have 270 electoral votes and be the next president. Among the four states that are a pure tossup, the Republican must win at least three.