Trump Wants SNL to Be Canceled Because of This Debate Skit

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Donald Trump has launched a withering attack on long-running comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live in particular skits in which he is portrayed by actor Alec Baldwin.

Saturday night, SNL opened with a mocking reenactment of the second presidential debate. He also called on NBC to end its "boring and unfunny" show. All of these public figures took the joke on the chin, never publicly confronting the show's writers, producers or performers in the way that Trump just did.

McKinnon's Hillary was taking another awkward victory lap, as she sat back and smiled at Trump's screwups and tried some very forced relating to the town hall public asking her questions.

Baldwin, who retweeted Trump's critique, has been playing him on "Saturday Night Live" since its 42nd season kicked off a few weeks ago. Alec Baldwin portrayal stinks.

"Watched Saturday Night Live hit job on me".

Things have not been going well for Donald Trump lately as he faces sexual assault allegations from a growing list of women (not to mention the upcoming civil case in which it is alleged that Trump raped a 13-year-old girl in 2008) and has seen his poll numbers drop.

After it's pointed out that Trump has said Bill Clinton's accusers should be believed, Baldwin-as-Trump says of his own accusers: "They need to shut the hell up".

And no more. After this weekend's show, SNL is now part of the media conspiracy trying to rig this election, according to Trump.

Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton will go head-to-head one last time in Las Vegas on Thursday before the November 8 election. Actress Kate McKinnon made fun of the scripted inauthenticity of Clinton's campaign.